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Sandow portrays misused jobber in most accurate impersonation yet

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Damien Sandow did a spot-on impression last night of a wrestler whose potential has been squandered

In his most convincing impersonation to date, professional wrestler Damien Sandow portrayed a hapless WWE “enhancement talent” doomed to be released from the sports entertainment company at any moment.

A master of disguise — in recent weeks, Sandow has impersonated Magneto, Sherlock Holmes and Davy Crockett, among others — Sandow most recently did a picture-perfect impression of a misused mid-card comedy schlub.

“I can’t believe my career has come to this,” Sandow, dressed in nondescript blue trunks and boots, said to a largely indifferent crowd last night.

“I had such amazing potential last year, but I’ll be on the indies soon. You’re welcome, I guess.”

Fans who witnessed Sandow’s impersonation of a down-on-his-luck wrestler with tragically squandered potential said it was “totally convincing.”

“It was such a perfect impression, it was like he wasn’t even acting,” remarked one fan. “It’s as if he truly believes he’ll be future endeavored any minute now.”

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