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RKO comes outta pretty much exactly where you’d expect

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Randy Orton attacks Brock Lesnar with an RKO outta the usual spot.

Randy Orton surprised nobody except Brock Lesnar last night by attacking the Beast Incarnate with an RKO that came outta the place it usually comes outta.

“RKO outta nowhere!” lied commentator Michael Cole, who should know by now that RKOs typically come outta the area just behind Orton’s foe.

Many members of the live audience in Atlanta saw Orton come outta the crowd, which is where he often comes outta when attacking enemies, who inexplicably don’t keep an eye out for such things.

Orton, who was outta action for months due to injury, is facing Lesnar at SummerSlam, where Orton will try to stay outta Suplex City.

The attack on Raw marked the 1,793rd time Orton has RKO’d someone from outta their line of peripheral vision, and the repetitiveness of his gimmick suggests WWE writers may be running outta ideas.

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