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Punk’s knee injury attributed to long periods of sitting cross-legged

CM Punk injury

Prolonged periods of sitting cross-legged have caused serious damage to CM Punk’s knees.

WWE Champion CM Punk has been forced to withdraw from an upcoming pay-per-view event due to a knee injury, which has been blamed on long periods of sitting cross-legged.

“Mr. Punk has suffered a torn meniscus due to prolonged durations of sitting in the so-called lotus position while delivering verbose, vitriolic diatribes,” said WWE Chief Medic Dr. Bob Ponovich.

Although originally scheduled to compete at Sunday’s Tables Ladders & Chairs (TLC) pay-per-view event, Punk was forced to withdraw to undergo knee surgery.

Doctors believe Punk initially injured his knee while delivering a now-infamous tirade during a live WWE broadcast on June 27, 2011 — largely because he was sitting cross-legged on the hard, steel Raw entrance ramp.

“We suspect the injury may also have been exacerbated by Mr. Punk continually bearing the weight of his own enormous ego,” said Dr. Ponovich.

“Lately Paul Heyman has reduced the burden by carrying Mr. Punk’s championship belt, but that doesn’t seem to have helped.”


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