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Paige and Alberto Del Rio something something something

Wrestling fans around the world are united in concern for professional wrestling vixen Paige after she and boyfriend Alberto Del Rio were reportedly seen something something something. 

According to witnesses, Paige was visibly upset after something happened, leading some people to speculate about stuff and whatnot. 

“I’m worried about Paige because of reasons and so forth and yada yada,” said one wrestling journalist, who asked to only be identified as B. Apter. “My thoughts and prayers etcetera.”

Paige later insisted that people are making something out of nothing, and that fans should “respect her privacy and blah blah blah and so forth.”

This isn’t the first time a tempestuous real-life relationship between wrestlers has made headlines. Remember when what’s-her-name and that long-haired guy had a falling out when something happened with another wrestler or whatever?


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