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Oops! Wardrobe malfunction exposes WWE star’s nipple

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One of Big E’s biggies burst loose this week.

When you wear skimpy spandex over ample bosoms and perform acrobatic moves in a wrestling ring, there are bound to be some embarrassing “wardrobe malfunctions.”

Just ask buxom brawler Big E, whose right hooter popped from from his boulder-holder during a recent match alongside his New Day teammates.

Big E — whose name, incidentally, is identical to his cup size — was mortified when he realized why fans at ringside were ogling his double-deckers, and dashed back to the locker room in shame.

Some pundits suggest, however, that the supposed “wardrobe malfunction” was actually a deliberate attempt to recreate the ratings-boosting smut of the WWE’s Attitude Era.

Big E did, after all, appear topless the following night at a non-televised house show, with only a pair of sparkly hands body-painted onto his plump dumplings.


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