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Nakamura entrance sparks millions of Google searches for “weird-looking chin guitar”

Nakamura nxt violin

Thousands of Google searches Sunday night inquired “What guitar is played with stick?”

The breathtaking entrance of Shinsuke Nakamura at the recent NXT TakeOver event was an internet sensation, primarily because it sparked a flood of Google searches seeking to identify the peculiar instrument being played as part of his musical accompaniment.

According to Google Analytics, searches soared for terms including:

  • “Chin guitar played with stick”
  • “What black guy play in Nakamura theme?”
  • “Wut is Shinskay Nackumura song insturment?”
  • “What thing make sound oooEEEoooo?”
  • “Hot nude nakamura japan leather fetish xxx pics”

Only a tiny percentage of Google searches correctly identified the instrument played in Nakamura’s entrance as a violin, which correlates to the lack of overlap between fans of professional wrestling and connoisseurs of classical music.

Later in the NXT event, Google searches spiked for the terms “What does glorious mean?” and “NXT Bayley single?”



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