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Mother’s Day a sad reminder for Lita of Kane’s miscarried rape-baby

Lita pregnant

Mother’s Day always reminds her of the tragedy that befell her unborn child.

For WWE Hall of Fame inductee Lita, Mother’s Day is a bittersweet annual reminder of the child she conceived with Kane, which was miscarried in circumstances that were not Snitsky’s fault.

Every year, Mother’s Day reminds Lita of the child she almost mothered after being abducted and, presumably, raped by Kane.

On a day when mothers around the world are celebrated for their selfless sacrifices, Lita is tormented by the memory of being forced to marry and copulate with Kane, despite still being emotionally attached to Matt Hardy.

Every time Lita hears a mention of Mother’s Day, she endures a heartbreaking flashback to the sight of ¬†Snitsky — who was, it bears repeating, definitely not at fault for the miscarriage — punting a lifelike doll into an audience of wrestling fans.

Despite the tragic circumstances that befell the fate of her unborn child, Lita admits she is eternally grateful that she did not give birth to a prosthetic hand.

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