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Miley Cyrus seeks career advice from Chyna

Miley Cyrus chyna

Miley Cyrus credits her VMA performance to the advice she received from Chyna (inset).

Miley Cyrus, the former Disney teen star who is trying re-invent herself in an “edgier” style, has reportedly sought career advice from former pro wrestler and repugnant porn star Chyna.

Cyrus, who rose to fame portraying the squeaky-clean Hannah Montana, put Chyna’s advice to use last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, lasciviously gyrating and “twerking” in her underwear like a two-bit whore.

Chyna was happy to provide encouragement and wisdom, drawing on her years of experience as a hyper-masculine WWE Diva, a bleary-eyed reality TV burnout, and a freakishly unsexy porn star.

According to Cyrus, Chyna taught her how to “totally gross people out with weird facial expressions, super-slutty behavior and a total lack of talent.”

Cyrus and Chyna are expected to co-star in an upcoming adult film titled Backdoor to Montana.


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