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Mick Foley’s ear still roaming German countryside in search of its master

Mick Foley ear

Mick Foley's severed ear continues its long quest through German hills and glades to find its master.

The severed right ear of wrestling legend Mick Foley is reportedly still roaming the hills and valleys of Germany, driven by an innate sense of loyalty to find its master.

The bloody scrap of tattered cartilage has been seeking Foley after it was violently torn from his scalp during a miscalculated “hangman” move during a match in Munich 18 years ago.

The ear’s devotion to its master has apparently never wavered as it has traversed the countryside, inspiring and helping people it has met along the way.

In the town of Brandenburg near the Austrian border, the ear used its cunning and ingenuity to lead local police to the site of a little boy who had become trapped in a well. Before anyone in the town could reward the ear with a commemorative Q-Tip, the ear had moved onto its next adventures.

The ear, which has become known in the German press by the nickname “Das Treu Ohr” (The Loyal Ear), has been spotted boarding ferries, trains and steamships in its tireless search for Foley.

Asked whether he was aware of his long-lost ear’s tenacious search to find him, Foley responded: “What?”

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