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Mick Foley threatens to stop watching AWA

Mick foley getting close

Mick Foley says he’ll stop watching AWA unless the company’s creative team starts listening to fans and giving rookies a chance.

Professional wrestling’s “hardcore legend” Mick Foley issued a public statement that he is “getting close” to giving up on the American Wrestling Association (AWA) if the company’s writers don’t start soon coming up with engaging and original programming.

“I am one of those people on the verge of becoming a former AWA fan,” Foley wrote on his popular Facebook page. “I’m tired of the same-old-same-old AWA stuff, which feels like it hasn’t changed since 1991.”

Foley said he will stop watching AWA altogether unless some of the established top talent — Verne Gagne, Nick Bockwinkel, Larry Zybszko — provide opportunities to up-and-coming rookies like Tom Zenk, “Bull Power” Leon White, Brad Rhenigans, and the Midnight Rockers.

Foley is hopeful AWA will turn things around — “I want to stay, I really do” — but he is skeptical about whether AWA’s creative team, Verne Gagne and Wally Karbo, truly listen to what the fans want.

“I will watch this week’s episode of AWA All-Star Wrestling,” Foley wrote, “and maybe it’ll remind me why I love wrestling — perhaps with a match between and Jim Brunzell and ‘Mr Electricity’ Steve Regal.”

Nobody close to Foley has the heart to tell him that he has been watching re-runs, and that AWA folded in 1991.


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