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Trash-talking McGregor calls Cena “a morbidly obese grandma with diabetes”

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John Cena (inset) is reportedly “devastated” to have been called a “nerdlinger” by Conor McGregor.

Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor upped the ante in his ongoing trash-talk war against pro wrestling, calling John Cena an elderly, overweight and diabetic “grandmother” who “smells like a soiled diaper.”

McGregor has been engaged in an escalating war of words with WWE superstars for weeks, calling the entire WWE roster “pus**es,” “dweebs,” “turd-burglers,” and — most egregiously — “stinky-winky poo-poo-faces.”

It is unclear why McGregor is spewing such schoolyard vitriol at professional wrestlers, aside from an obvious Napoleon complex, which is common among scrappy delinquents who stand three apples high.

Some experts suggest McGregor is lashing out because he is secretly self-conscious about his chest tattoo, which makes Brock Lesnar’s phallic dagger tattoo look like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by comparison.

Some speculate McGregor’s trash-talk is just showmanship heralding his own impending WWE debut, could happen when WWE launches its upcoming Flyweight Classic (FWC).

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