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Mark Henry reunites with estranged son for Father’s Day high-five

Mark henry father

Mark Henry (right) says it “feels great to be a dad again.”

It has been a poignant Father’s Day for professional wrestler Mark Henry, who reunited for a tear-filled high-five with his son, Hand.

Henry and Hand drifted apart after the untimely passing of Mae Young, with whom Henry had a torrid love affair that resulted in the beautiful birth of Hand on live television 16 years ago.

But the duo reunited for a Father’s Day picnic this morning on the lawn behind WWE’s Connecticut headquarters, where they excelled at a game of catch but failed miserably in the three-legged race.

Hand told his father he would like to begin training as a professional wrestler, and believes he will excel at knife-edge chops and the dreaded claw.

He has already recorded a theme song, inspired by his father’s, with the chorus: “Someone’s gonna get his ass slapped.”

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