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Mark Henry is also World’s Strongest Smelling Man

Mark Henry

Mark Henry has earned the unofficial title as the World's Strongest Smelling Man.

WWE superstars who have competed against the mammoth veteran Mark Henry report that the “World’s Strongest Man” also deserves the accolade of being the World’s Strongest Smelling Man.

“He reeks like an abandoned seafood cannery,” reported Daniel Bryan, who has tangled with the former powerlifter on many occasions. “But worse. Way worse.”

Backstage sources at WWE report that Mark Henry has his own private locker room — not at his request, but rather at the insistence of his fellow superstars.

“Squaring off against Mark is a scary proposition, partly because he’s a huge and vicious competitor, and partly because of the reek,” said Triple-H. “How can his entire body smell like feet?”

Henry, who was formerly known by the nickname Sexual Chocolate, often wonders why he has had trouble meeting women lately. His last steady girlfriend, Mae Young, reportedly lost her sense of smell by age 75.

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