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Lesnar’s return to wrestling brings legitimacy to UFC

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Brock Lesnar's recent attacks on John Cena brought an air of legitimacy to Lesnar's former employer, Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The much-hyped return of Brock Lesnar to WWE has lent a degree of legitimacy to his former employer, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which has struggled to overcome its widespread perception as a “fake” sport.

“I came back to WWE to prove that UFC fighters can compete in the big leagues,” Lesnar said during a press conference yesterday.

“When I beat John Cena, it will finally prove that mixed martial artists are real athletes too.”

Since its inception, UFC has been dogged by by criticism that it is a rigged showbiz spectacle, not a legitimate athletic competition like professional wrestling.

Sources close to Lesnar, who has achieved fame and success in both UFC and WWE, report that the superstar considers John Cena his most dangerous rival yet, and has been training with unprecedented dedication in preparation for their upcoming bout.



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