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Lesnar loses two-minute house show match to Ellsworth

Lesnar loses to ellsworth

James Ellsworth delivers a beating to a bloody, exhausted Brock Lesnar.

Formerly fearsome professional wrestler Brock Lesnar seems to be on a losing streak, having followed his shocking defeat by Goldberg with an even more humiliating two-minute loss to James Ellsworth.

Lesnar tapped out to Ellsworth’s patented wristlock at one minute and 52 seconds into their match today at a non-televised WWE Live Event in Kitchener, Ontario.

Ellsworth, a scrappy underdog known as “Winless Chinless,” is on a hot streak as of late, whereas the once-dominant Lesnar can’t catch a break.

Despite a 200-pound weight difference and Lesnar’s comparatively superior¬†track record, the showdown was an entirely one-sided affair, with Ellsworth immediately applying the wristlock and not letting go until Lesnar had no choice but to submit.

Wrestling pundits are near-unanimous in their predictions that Ellsworth will win the Royal Rumble and go on to headline WrestleMania, while Lesnar will appear at WrestleMania as one of The Undertaker’s druids.


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