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Leaked photo shows CM Punk backstage at Raw

where is CM punk

CM Punk was often photographed backstage at Raw while he still worked at WWE.

Wrestling fans are abuzz today after a photograph depicting elusive professional wrestler backstage at a WWE Raw event has leaked onto the internet, sparking renewed speculation about his WWE status.

The photo, which depicts Punk chatting with WWE Diva AJ Lee, appears to have been taken sometime in 2013, when Punk was still an active member of the WWE roster.

Clearly shot well before his abrupt and acrimonious 2014 departure from the company, the photograph shows what was a fairly commonplace occurrence during his employment, given that he and Lee are a couple.

“It’s a totally unremarkable photo,” quipped one member of the WWE road crew. “I mean, we have hundreds of pictures just like it.”

Punk’s current whereabouts are unknown.


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