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Khali now four inches taller after Cesaro Swing

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The Great Khali is, remarkably, even taller after enduring the Cesaro Swing.

Although he was already the tallest competitor in World Wrestling Entertainment, The Great Khali measured a full four inches taller this morning after enduring a powerful Cesaro Swing at the Battleground pay-per-view.

The Punjabi giant, who previously stood at a whopping seven-foot-one, now towers even higher over opponents at an unbelievable seven-foot-five.

According to WWE Chief Medic Dr. Bob Ponovich, the “centrifugal force exerted by the Cesaro Swing caused an elongation of Mr. Khali’s legs and spine.”

Added Dr. Ponovich: “It actually seems to have helped Mr. Khali, as he no longer walks like a drunken clown on stilts.”

Asked for comment, The Great Khali told reporters: “Grauchghchhh.  Schauruannn pauchgauh, tuchsch gah nah raaaaahhhh.”

A Punjabi translator indicated that Khali’s statement was just gibberish.

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