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Kane and Bryan solve dispute by listening to Queen’s “We Are the Champions”

Daniel Bryan Kane

Daniel Bryan (right) and Kane have settled their grammatical dispute over the tag team championship by listening to Queen.

Professional wrestlers Kane and Daniel Bryan have settled a weeks-long dispute — which hinged largely on a grammatical mistake — by listening Queen’s timeless rock anthem We Are the Champions.

For several weeks, Kane and Bryan were at an impasse, with each man claiming unequivocally: “I am the tag team champions.”

Neither man apparently had a clear grasp of the distinction between singular and plural in English syntax, which led to a long and rather redundant disagreement.

Backstage at a recent Smackdown taping, Kane and Bryan watched a YouTube video of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury belting out “We Are the Champions,” which solved their dilemma.

Kane and Bryan have vowed to “keep on fighting to the end.”


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