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Kaepernick stands for Nikolai Volkoff’s singing of Soviet national anthem

national anthem sitProfessional football player Colin Kaepernick sparked controversy once again today when he chose to stand at an independent wrestling event during Nikolai Volkoff’s baritone rendition of the Soviet National Anthem.

Kaepernick, who has previously refused to stand for the American national anthem, was met with a chorus of boos and jeers from other spectators in the gymnasium where Tulsa Championship Wrestling (TCW) was holding its annual “Clash of Legends” event.

The polarizing quarterback explained that he stood for the anthem to show solidarity for Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, Max Moon, and oppressed immigrants who are treated unfairly in the US.

His protest was cut short, however, when Corporal Kirchner hobbled out from the locker room and clobbered both Kaepernick and Volkoff with an American flag.

Said Kaepernick after the incident: “USA, accchh-tooie.”


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