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IWC on ADR vs. RVD for WHC at WWE NoC PPV: MoTN or WTF?


The IWC has weighed in on RVD vs ADR for the WHC at #WWENoC

Members of the IWC are weighing in on tonight’s WHC match between RVD and ADR at  the #WWeNoC PPV, with some predicting it will be MOTN, while others are LOLing at that notion with an incredulous WTF.

One member of the IWC, who writes under the name MoxleyFTW, eloquently expressed his prediction: “RVD vs ADR at #WWENoC MOTN? SMH… IMHO, 4/10.”

But not everyone shares this dismissive assessment of the match. A Twitter user named @SmarkyMark83 wrote: “RVD by DQ, ADR retains WHC, MoTN — maybe MOTY — def. solid B+ IMO.”

Fan opinions were also divided on topics including 3MB, the fate of the IC strap, the retirement of JR and the fate of JBL.

Asked whether Daniel Bryan will beat Randy Orton in the main event, most fans merely expressed their opinions through monosyllabic, childlike hollers of “yes,” “no” or “what?!”

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