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Indy wrestling champion dreams of one day becoming Raw security guard

Indie wrestling

Ripper Blaze hopes to “hit the big time” by portraying a nameless extra on WWE Raw.

Ripper Blaze, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion of Southeastern Ohio Wrestling Federation (SOWF), dreams of one day “making it to the big leagues” and portraying a security guard on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programming.

Twenty-two-year-old Blaze, whose real name is Todd Kropf, has been honing his talents on the Ohio “indy” scene for the past eight months in hopes of becoming a nameless extra on WWE’s flagship weekly program, Raw.

“I have the desire, the talent, and the passion to get to Raw,” said Blaze, who recently earned almost 15 dollars co-headlining a wrestling show in his local high school gymnasium alongside Bushwhacker Luke.

“I mean, I could play a security guard, an ambulance driver, a cop — I’m versatile.”

Given that he stands only five-foot-seven and weighs 205 pounds, Blaze is realistic about the idea that he may never land a speaking role on WWE television.

“I could never be a top star like Dr. Shelby or Dr. Kirschenbaum,” he admits.

He’s optimistic, however, that with a few more years of paying his dues on the indy scene, he might score the “dream job” of being one of the Undertaker’s druids.

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