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Hornswoggle suspended for violation of WWE Tallness Policy

Hornswoggle suspension

Hornswoggle is in direct violation of WWE’s Tallness Policy, which states that performers must stand “at least three apples high.”

Professional wrestler and leprechaun Hornswoggle has reportedly been suspended from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for violating the company’s Tallness Policy.

According to sources within the company, Hornswoggle attempted to use his tippy-toes during a random backstage height test this week.

When WWE medics discovered that the magical Irishman stands only four-foot-four — a full six inches shorter than the minimum height required for WWE competition — he was slapped with the suspension and prescribed an intense regimen of growth hormones.

Though not as well-known as WWE’s Wellness Policy, the Tallness Policy was instituted several years ago to prevent Rey Mysterio from continually injuring himself.

Hornswoggle will serve out the 30-day suspension at home, under the WWE ring, where he recently enjoyed a nice surprise visit by Seth Rollins and Kane.

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