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Guy who reviews pay-per-views on webcam “pretty sure Vince watches” his videos

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Todd Polfuss is considering sending an invoice for royalties to WWE.

Die-hard wrestling fan and subterranean recluse Todd Polfuss of Des Moines never fails to provide video critiques of pro wrestling pay-per-views, largely inspired by his mistaken belief that WWE honcho Vince McMahon is an avid viewer. 

“No doubt, Vince is watching,” the 31-year-old former sandwich artist erroneously said in a recent video. “Hey Vinnie Mac — you’re welcome for the ideas.”

Sources close to McMahon insist he does not watch YouTube videos, and is generally not internet-savvy, having only recently signed up for MySpace

Among the reasons Polfuss mistakenly believes McMahon is “stealing ideas” from his videos:

  • He predicted in 2011 that Goldberg’s return was “imminent,” and was “proven right” five years later
  • He criticized the Undertaker’s loss at WrestleMania 30, and the Undertaker won the following year
  • He said “John Cena can’t stay full-time forever,” and now Cena is on a lighter schedule
  • He said in 2012 that WWE “needs to sign Prince Devitt,” and then Finn Balor was signed “a mere two years later.”

Polfuss, who goes by the screen name SteenGenerico99, says he believes “WWE will headhunt him to lead the creative team” any day now. 


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