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Gorilla Monsoon downgraded to Gorilla Tropical Storm

Radar monsoon

Radar images show the Gorilla Monsoon is now merely a Gorilla Tropical Storm.

The National Weather Service has announced that the dreaded Gorilla Monsoon over the Pacific has diminished in ferocity and thus been downgraded to Gorilla Tropical Storm.

“The force of the Gorilla Monsoon has lessened considerably,” reported weather analyst Cedric Allister.

“We fully expect it to be downgraded again to a Chimpanzee Gale, or even a Monkey Bluster.”

The downgrading is widely considered a good thing, unlike the 1991 decision to upgrade the classification of a Tugboat to a Typhoon.

Meteorologists predict sunny skies ahead after the downgrading of the Gorilla Monsoon, and suggest that people protect their eyes from ultraviolet radiation by wearing purple-tinted glasses, even indoors.

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