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Gall claims to know perfect reversal for GTS

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Mickey Gall (left) has spent months studying tape of the GTS, as well as CM Punk’s flying elbow, just in case.

When former pro wrestler CM Punk makes his UFC debut tonight, his success or failure will likely depend on whether opponent Mickey Gall has, as he claims, devised an ingenious counter to Punk’s dreaded GTS.

During Punk’s WWE tenure, he vanquished countless opponents with the GTS (short for “Go Take a Shower”), because none could successfully reverse the fireman’s-carry-forward-throw-kneelift maneuver.

But Mickey Gall has reportedly spent the past several months studying tape of Punk’s matches, and anonymous sources within his training camp claim he has devised a swift and brutal reversal.

One source, who asked to be identified only as D. White, reports that Gall’s defensive maneuver is brilliant in its simplicity.

“It’s a punch to the face,” said the source.


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