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Fandango’s theme song outsells Elvis, Beatles and Rolling Stones combined

chachalalaThe theme song of flamboyant professional wrestler Fandango has, practically overnight, become the top-selling single of all time, surpassing the combined sales of The Beatles, Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones.

Following a mass sing-a-long of the tune at a New Jersey arena Monday night, an online groundswell of interest — dubbed the Fandango Revolution — has led to unprecedented sales of the song on iTunes, surpassing 2.1 billion downloads.

World Wrestling Entertainment composer Jim Johnston — whose previous works include The Undertaker’s dirge and Steve Austin’s glass-shattering rocker — said he is “blown away” by the response to Fandango’s flamenco-inspired¬† theme, “ChaChaLaLa.”

“I kind of expected Fandango to be a big flop, so I wrote that song in, like, 20 minutes,” Johnston said. “Weird.”

The recording industry, which has been in a financial tailspin in recent years due to online music piracy, is expected to make a full recovery thanks to the explosion in sales of ChaChaLaLa.

Fandango himself has refused to comment on the matter until every person on earth pronounces his name correctly.


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