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Fandango undefeated all year

Fandango streak

Fandango’s legendary streak has lasted all day, and by extension all year.

It seems the tide has finally turned for flamboyant professional wrestler Fandango, who has followed a lackluster 2015 with an undefeated streak thus far in 2016.

Though he rode a wave of success after his much-ballyhooed 2013 debut — and sparked a singalong dancing craze known as Fandangoing, which lasted for almost a week — his win-loss record then dropped to Barryhorowitzian levels.

But the wrestler has apparently turned over a new leaf, having not suffered a single defeat since late-December 2015.

Some wrestling pundits are predicting that, at this rate, he’ll be in the main-event picture by WrestleMania, and — oh, wait, he just lost to Zack Ryder at a house show in Winnipeg.




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