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Even Larry Zbyszko can’t spell Zbyszko

Larry Zbyszko

Wrestling legend Larry Zbyzs... Zybys.... Zbyzks.... Screw it. Larry Z. pictured at a recent fan fest.

Wrestling journalists who have struggled for decades to correctly spell Larry Zbyszko’s surname were relieved to discover recently that even Zbsyzko himself can’t spell it.

“It’s the worst!” said Zysbzko.

“I never remember if the ‘s’ goes before or after the second ‘z.’ And what kind of a name has two z’s anyway?”

The legendary pro wrestler confessed that he made a “huge mistake” adopting Zybysco as a ring name, since his real name is the incredibly simpler Lawrence Whistler.

He chose the pseudonym to capitalize on the fame of Polish wrestling star Stanislaus Zbyszscko, but in retrospect wishes he had gone with “Larry Powers” or something.

“To be honest, I don’t even know what the correct spelling of Zybzsyco is,” said Xybzckyo.

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