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“Elimination Chamber” means toilet in many cultures

WWE Elimination Chamber toilet

A public elimination chamber at a park in Tokyo.

WWE executives were surprised to learn recently that the term “elimination chamber” refers to a toilet in at least 30 cultures worldwide.

The discovery did explain why uncomfortable-looking tourists sometimes show up at the annual Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and gesture that they need to urinate.

“We apologize for any confusion,” said a WWE press release issued this week.

“Elimination Chamber referes to a roofed, chain-link cage with six plexiglass pods, not a toilet.”

To avoid further confusion, WWE is considering changing the name of the pay-per-view — and the match that is its namesake — to something less ambiguous.

Users of the WWE smartphone app are encouraged to vote their favorite: “Satan’s Jungle Gym,” “The Evacuation Station,” or “Hell in a Round Cell.”

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