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Daniel Bryan announces return, Justin Roberts buys clip-on tie

Justin Roberts tie

Although more than four years have passed since Daniel Bryan attacked Justin Roberts, the ring announcer isn’t taking any chances.

While fans of professional wrestling rejoiced this week as Daniel Bryan announced his long-awaited return to WWE, ring announcer Justin Roberts immediately dashed to his local Walmart to purchase clip-on ties.

Drowned out by the uproarious sound of thousands of fans in a packed arena chanting “YES” in unison, Roberts could not be heard repeatedly muttering “Oh crap” after Bryan announced his return.

Although it has been more than four years since Bryan — then a disgruntled rookie struggling to break through to main-roster success — strangled Roberts with his own necktie, the memory remains painfully fresh for the ring announcer.

The emotional scars continue to plague Roberts, who staunchly refuses to join the so-called “Yes Movement” and who was hoping Bryan would announce his retirement on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Hoping to prevent Bryan’s return, Roberts tried to launched an online campaign called the “No Movement,”but the name was already taken by a support group for sufferers of chronic constipation.

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