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Cynical fan calls every WWE event the “worst show ever”


Dylan Kropf described WrestleMania 29, and every other WWE event, as the “worst show ever.”

In his webcam review of WrestleMania 29, perpetually cynical wrestling fan Dylan Kropf described the event as the “worst show ever,” exactly as he has done for the last 83 WWE pay-per-view events.

The 31-year-old car wash attendant blasted WWE for “predictable outcomes” and bemoaned the “poor workrate” of wrestlers on the card, echoing his sentiments about every WWE show over the past seven years.

“I give WrestleMania a two out of 10,” he said, as usual, during the poorly lit, 12-minute video rant.

He then added, as he always does, “I’m boycotting the next WWE show.”

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