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CM Punk finally just gets a life-size tattoo of himself

CM Punk ink

CM Punk finally got the tattoo he always wanted: a life-size depiction of himself, covering his whole body.

After spending years getting an assortment of symbols inked into every available patch of his skin, champion wrestler CM Punk has finally gotten the one tattoo he’s always wanted: a depiction of himself, to scale, covering his entire body.

Punk spent 134 consecutive hours at Chicago Pride Ink as a team of artists indelibly etched a life-size likeness of himself into his flesh.

“Punk is a real egomaniac, so this is the perfect tattoo for him,” one of the artists told Kayfabe News on condition of anonymity.

The tattoo artists worked around the clock to perfectly duplicate every feature of Punk’s body, including all of the tattoos already on his skin.

“We had to perfectly replicate the Pepsi logo on his shoulder, the words ‘drug free’ on his knuckles and that goofy spiderweb on his elbow.”

The full-body tattoo is so expertly designed that, once the swelling and bleeding subside, it won’t even be noticeable.

“It looks exactly like him,” said the artist. “He loves it.”



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