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Chilly Undertaker wishes he hadn’t forgotten coat and hat in ring

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The Undertaker accidentally walks away from his hat and coat, which he didn’t need in balmy Orlando Sunday, but wishes he had now.

During an unseasonably cool spell of weather in Death Valley, legendary professional wrestler The Undertaker is kicking himself for leaving his wide-brimmed hat and leather trenchcoat in a wrestling ring Sunday night. 

After losing his WrestleMania match against the universally beloved Roman Reigns, the Undertaker donned his cap and cloak momentarily, before realizing the balmy Orlando weather didn’t warrant such attire, then disrobed again. 

After he placed his hat and coat on the mat, he completely forgot about them and sauntered halfway up the entrance ramp before descending eerily into the misty underworld. 

“Dangit,” said the Deadman today, teeth chattering, while tending to his Death Valley mortuary. “It’s colder than my black heart out here.”

To warm up, The Undertaker donned a woollen beanie from his motorcycling days, and warmed his hands beside pillars of fire he summoned from the depths of hell simply with a sweeping gesture of his arms. 



















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