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Cena’s nose seeks advice from Foley’s ear

Cena nose

John Cena’s hideously disfigured schnoz sought advice from the disembodied ear that was once attached to Mick Foley (revolting inset).

Feeling ugly and depressed after being shattered by Seth Rollins’ knee, John Cena’s disfigured nose sought advice and solace today from Mick Foley’s disembodied ear.

Cena’s nose, a mangled hodgepodge of cartilage and snot, tracked down the ear in Germany, where it has been roaming the countryside ever since getting separated from its master in 1994.

Cena’s pulverized proboscis has been feeling “shattered, emotionally and physically” since being assaulted several weeks ago, and has struggled to continue upholding its own mantra, “Never Give Up.”

It sought Foley’s ear (and one of Foley’s teeth, which escaped through Foley’s nostril in 1998) to seek advice on how to continue living as a monstrous facial disfigurement.

“Hang in there, kiddo,” encouraged Foley’s ear. “Hey, at least you’re still attached to a face, right? Bang bang!”

The ear then wished Cena’s nose a nice day, and wandered off in search of Shawn Michaels’ missing smile.

Cena’s nose, feeling better, then meandered into a field of ragweed and sneezed allergically, kicking out “atchoo.”

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