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Can wrestling fans count? Cesaro Swing footage casts doubt

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During a recent match, Cesaro spun opponent Sami Zayn for eight rotations, though fans noisily counted 12.

Fans of professional wrestling have never been accused of intellectual supremacy, but a recent study of their vocal reactions to the so-called Cesaro Swing maneuver indicates they may even lack the ability to count.

While fans are indeed able to rhyme off numbers in the proper numerical order, they seem incapable of doing so at a rate that matches the thing they are counting — in this case, the helicopter-like rotations of Cesaro and his hapless opponents.

“It seems the fans are attempting to count full rotations, but lack the ability to distinguish a full rotation from a partial¬†one,” said cognitive psychologist Dr. Bob Ponovich.

Ponovich studied dozens of Cesaro matches to determine that wrestling fans, on average, count six nonexistent rotations in each Cesaro Swing.

Scientists believe this cognitive failure among wrestling fans may be linked to their propensity to speed up while counting aloud during the Royal Rumble countdown clock.

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