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“Busted wide open” a bit of an overstatement

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Though bleeding moderately from a small nick on his forehead, Mr. Anderson was over-diagnosed as "busted wide open" by TNA commentators.

A new study shows that wrestling commentators worldwide habitually overstate the severity of bleeding cuts by describing wrestlers as “busted wide open.”

Typically the opposite is true — the wrestler has suffered a tiny, razor-thin gash to the forehead that heals quickly and results in no long-term damage, according to the study published today in Athletics Commentary Monthly.

TNA Wrestling commentator Mike Tenay, for example, recently described Mr. Anderson as “busted wide open” during a match against Kurt Angle, even though only small rivulets of blood trickled down Anderson’s face from a tiny nick in his forehead.

Puzzlingly, World Wrestling Entertainment commentators abruptly stopped using the term “busted wide open” altogether several years ago after decades of chronic overuse.

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