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Bumped referee inexplicably fine

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Scott Armstrong insists he feels “fine,” despite being nudged in a wrestling match.

Professional wrestling referee Scott Armstrong was, to the amazement of everyone watching, inexplicably unharmed after being slightly nudged during a match.

Armstrong was officiating a match between Kofi Kingston and Curtis Axel when, in the heat of battle, he became sandwiched in the corner between the two wrestlers.

Rather than crumple to the mat in an unconscious heap — as everyone in attendance fully expected him to — Armstrong merely said “ouch,” admonished both wrestlers to be more careful, and then carried on his officiating in a fair and professional manner.

Axel was dumbfounded, since he was hoping to have an opportunity to use nefarious wrongdoing during Armstrong’s period of unconsciousness in order to gain the upper hand against Kingston.

But the uninjured referee kept a close eye on Axel, ensuring that the rules of professional wrestling were upheld at all times.

During the following match, however, referee Chad Patton was rendered unconscious after gently brushing against a turnbuckle pad.

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