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Bray Wyatt’s haunted rocking chair signs developmental WWE deal

rocking chair gifThe haunted rocking chair owned by Bray Wyatt, which eerily rocks of its own accord in a creepy old barn, has been signed to a developmental WWE contract.

The chair, which is believed to be possessed by the ghost of Wyatt’s late uncle, Waylon Mercy, will continue its in-ring training at Florida Championship Wrestling.

The chair is reportedly overjoyed, having dreamed for years of rocking spookily in a World Wrestling Entertainment ring.

“Creak,” said the chair ominously.


Meanwhile, the chair’s owners — rural madman Bray Wyatt and his motley band of inbred disciples — are expected to debut on the main WWE roster imminently.

According to backstage sources, the haunted chair will feud on NXT television with another recent developmental signee, L’il Jimmy.


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