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Bray Wyatt passionately French kisses defeated opponent

Bray wyatt daniel bryan

Bray Wyatt cradles Daniel Bryan after lustily making out with him for several minutes.

Bray Wyatt, the bizarre leader of a cultish “family” of wrestling hillbillies, became even creepier yesterday when he passionately tongue-kissed a fallen opponent for several minutes.

Having just defeated Daniel Bryan with the “Sister Abigail” swinging STO maneuver, Wyatt rolled on top of Bryan, looked longingly into his glazed-over eyes, and proceeded to lovingly make out with him.

Although it is not uncommon for Wyatt to kiss an opponent’s forehead before delivering his finishing move — and to cradle the opponent’s head afterward — the lusty kissing is a new and unwelcome development.

Fans at ringside reported that Wyatt’s tongue was very active, and that he repeatedly stroked Bryan’s hair during the three-minute embrace.

At one point the referee tried to pull the men apart, but failed because their beards had become hopelessly entangled.

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