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Bo Dallas boginning to feel unbotivated and boubtful


Bo Dallas is discouraged by the amBOguity of his WWE future.

Once a vocal proponent of the philosophy that anything is possible if you just bolieve, professional wrestler Bo Dallas has now adopted a more boubtful outlook.

“I dunno,” said a dejected Dallas upon learning that he would not be needed on an upcoming WWE tour.

“I’m boginning to think it’s time to stop bolieving.”

Last year, Dallas regularly appeared on WWE programming, and relished the opportunity to share his botivational can-do attitude.

But his bomentum seemed to vanish overnight, and now he is only used on the bottom of house show cards as a developmental talent (or a “bobber”).

“Boliving will only get you so far in WWE, I guess,” said Dallas, shaking his head in disbolief.

“After that, you have to kiss-ass to Triple H so he doesn’t bory you.”


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