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Battleground renamed Night of Champions 2

Night of Champions battleground

Battleground has been given a more appropriate name.

Battleground, this weekend’s World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view, has been given a last-minute name change in order to better reflect its content: Night of Champions 2.

The event’s original name title was deemed false advertising, given that the pay-per-view is essentially a rehash of last month’s Night of Champions event, with a few unimportant alterations.

Many of the matches — Rob Van Dam versus Alberto Del Rio, for instance, or Randy Orton versus Daniel Bryan — are expected to give wrestling fans a collective case of deja vu.

Even the “new” matches are inconsequential continuances of feuds that played out at Night of Champions, or are random bouts cobbled together without sufficient hype or rationale.

WWE reportedly considered renaming Battleground as “Not Quite Hell in a Cell.”


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