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14 HOT photos of WWE Divas you MUST see if you’re a lonely chronic masturbator

Do you love the sexy Divas of World Wrestling Entertainment?

Do you also love yourself, so to speak, while looking at photographs of those Divas once you’re pretty sure your parents aren’t going to barge into your bedroom?

Well you’re in luck, you unloved chronic masturbator!

Here we present 14 smoking-hot pictures of Divas that will inspire you auto-erotically stimulate yourself for a momentary burst of pleasure that will make you temporarily escape your pathetic, sexless solitude.

14.  Remember Torrie Wilson? She wouldn’t sleep with you even if you were the last man on Earth. But you can pretend she would while looking at this sizzling photo!

torrie wilson












13. How sexy is Lita? So sexy that you can’t help but flog the ol’ flagpole while staring at this picture of her in a bikini? Don’t worry, you might meet a nice girl someday. Not one as hot as Lita, mind you, but maybe she’ll have a nice personality or something. 











12. Look at Trish Stratus’ round bottom! Doesn’t it inspire you to commit the disgusting sin of masturbation? Have you no shame?

trish bum










11. Stacy Kiebler has legs that don’t quit, just like you can’t quit slamming the ham in order to fill the void in your life where love should be. 














10.  Are you finished yet? No? Seriously? One would think you’d be better at this, given the thrice-daily practice sessions you’ve been having. Ok, well, here’s that redhead from Total Divas. What’s her name… Bambi-Jo or something?

eva marie










9. Still at it? God, your monthly Kleenex budget must be off the chart. Natalia is looking at you with come-hither eyes in this photo. She would never do that to you in real life, so you’ll just have to pretend. 












8. Your grandmother is looking down at you from Heaven right now and is very disappointed. You know that, right? Here’s Lana, you sad sack. 










7 – 2.  Since this is just getting awkward, here are a bunch of Divas. Knock yourself out, freak. 











1. Still at it? This might help. 

shawn michaels playgirl









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